Pirate Dream Tour

PIRATE DREAM TOURSeven years after its Pirate Assault on the Venice Biennale, the giant Pirate Rabbit sets out a new travel through occupied spaces and citizen-managed cultural centres: in order to protect the pirate thought and to house in its belly those needs and desires which have no representation.

A travel throughout urban, national and international spaces, where the dreams of the citizens will not remain still or unseen against the indifference of the institutional power.

On one hand, with its imposing and merciless appearance, the Rabbit will be the guardian of occupied and freed spaces, while, on the other hand, its belly so soft and welcoming will offer asylum (both political and poetical) to all the humans who will enter and confess, in front of a camera, their unfulfilled dreams, stories or desires connected with the future of these places.

This is the same duplicity between antagonism and dream that we expect to find in all the territories which we’re going to pass through and where occupations arise: on one hand the protection of the place and the opposition against institutions, on the other hand the constitution of a (community) space where we can dream shared and alternative worlds.

The mythological image of the pirate, both hero and outlaw, for the occasion warmly embodied in the majestic rabbit, becomes a chance to explore the dialectic between concepts which are complementary and opposite from one another and which characterize reappropriation and reorganization processes carried out by the citizenship. All this through the confessions of the citizens.

On one hand the concept of legality (as denied by institutions) VS legitimacy (as demanded by citizens and artists against those decision procedures which do not represent them).

On the other hand the concept of territory property, in opposition to the petition for the repossession of the public spaces actively carried out by the citizenship.

First stop: November 2014, Cavallerizza Reale Torino.

A project by Coniglioviola, in collaboration with Piattaforma CO.H.


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