Maurizio Ferraris

The nights of Tino of Baghdad in Milan.

The nights of Tino of Baghdad in Milan.

ConiglioViola: The Nights of Tino from Baghdad Studio Museo Francesco Messina, Milan and other ten sites in Milan 8 March...

ConiglioViola. Pippo Baudo trai Santi Al Bano & Romina Power. 2008

Maurizio Ferraris – After life, what?

It can be useful to compare the video of the two dead teenagers with a rendition of this song on...

Sono un pirata/Sono un signore. PAC Milano

Sono un pirata Sono un signore (i am pirate and a gentleman)

Solo show at PAC, Pavillion of Contemporary Art in Milan, 2009.

Fine Primo Tempo (End of first half)

Video-installation. From a paradoxical interpretation, in an eschataological key, of the Italian hit song Ci sarà by the singing couple Al Bano & Romina Power.