The nights of Tino of Baghdad in Milan.

The nights of Tino of Baghdad in Milan.

ConiglioViola: The Nights of Tino from Baghdad Studio Museo Francesco Messina, Milan and other ten sites in Milan 8 March...

Sono un pirata/Sono un signore. PAC Milano

Sono un pirata Sono un signore (i am pirate and a gentleman)

Solo show at PAC, Pavillion of Contemporary Art in Milan, 2009.

Fine Primo Tempo (End of first half)

Video-installation. From a paradoxical interpretation, in an eschataological key, of the Italian hit song Ci sarà by the singing couple Al Bano & Romina Power.

Nous deux (The two of us)

An imaginary self-biography, in form of fairy tale, in which the artists portray themselves as two children.

Pirate attack to Venice Biennale

Pirate attack on Venice Biennale

On June 7th 2007, a huge Pirate Rabbit crossed the Canals of Venice as far as the venue of the Art Biennale and there it fired 52 cannon shots.

Ecce Trans (and the censorship)

ConiglioViola was the protagonist of the discussed group exhibition in Milan about Art and Homosexuality in 2007. This work against transphobia caused the closing of the exhibition.