The nights of Tino of Baghdad in Milan.

The nights of Tino of Baghdad in Milan.

ConiglioViola: The Nights of Tino from Baghdad Studio Museo Francesco Messina, Milan and other ten sites in Milan 8 March...

Pirate Dream Tour

A travel through occupied spaces in order to protect the pirate thought and to house in its belly those needs and desires which have no representation.

pirate camp

Pirate Camp / The Stateless Pavillion

A residency program at the 54. Venice Biennale created to give free hospitality to artists from all over the world within a pirate campsite.

Sono un pirata/Sono un signore. PAC Milano

Sono un pirata Sono un signore (i am pirate and a gentleman)

Solo show at PAC, Pavillion of Contemporary Art in Milan, 2009.

Pirate attack to Venice Biennale

Pirate attack on Venice Biennale

On June 7th 2007, a huge Pirate Rabbit crossed the Canals of Venice as far as the venue of the Art Biennale and there it fired 52 cannon shots.