antonella ruggiero e coniglioviola requiem elettronico

Antonella Ruggiero and Coniglioviola. June 18th. Requiem Elettronico.

We are glad to announce the publication of the cd+dvd box Requiem Elettronico by Antonella Ruggiero and ConiglioViola, on June...

The nights of Tino from Bagdad

Starting from a literary text, a new video art work which transforms the city into a widespread cinema, thanks to Augmented Reality technology. 
An experiment in interactive storytelling intended to redraw the map of the city’s space.

non sono una signora

Non domina sum

Non Domina Sum (I am not a lady)  is part of Coniglioviola’s videoart anthology “Recuperate le vostre radici quadrate”: an...

coniglioviola / antonella ruggiero / concerto senza titolo

Concerto senza titolo (Untitled concert)

A theatre, music and video project based on a collection of songs about death and interpreted by Antonella Ruggiero.

Romantici (a family portrait)

At first glance, the video Romantici looks like a variation on a family photograph from the end of the nineteenth century...


Rebus feat. Achille Bonito Oliva is a videoinstallation, a meta-artistic artwork that conditions the access to the work itself: because if you do not solve REBUS you cannot visit the exhibition.