REBUS (3,8,10,7,1,10,3,6,8,2,8,7,1,8,8,3,3,7,2,5)
featuring Achille Bonito Oliva as actor

Rebus is a meta-artistic artwork that conditions the access to the work itself… because if you do not solve REBUS you cannot visit the exhibition that hosts it.
So it’s a gate, a closed door that you may open… because the key is held in the gate itself. A metaphor of the whole Art as a door to another dimension
But it’s also an ironic operation: still today scientists try to decipher the mistery of Gioconda… here the enigma and its solution are the artwork itself!
The particularity of ConiglioViola’s Rebus is that the rebus is presented under the shape of a video (about 4 minutes)… so the elements of rebus, instead of being distributed over the space, appear during the time.

In the solo show Sono un pirata / Sono un signore at PAC in Milan to those who had solved the rebus was granted the access to a further secret room hosting the interactive installation “The Rabbit’s secret Mirror”.

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