Non domina sum

Non Domina Sum (I am not a lady)  is part of Coniglioviola’s videoart anthology “Recuperate le vostre radici quadrate”: an electronic tribute to Italian divas of the 80s. The video is based on the reprise of the song “Non sono una signora” (I am not a Lady) by the Italian rockstar Loredana Bertè, who takes part to this video.
The short movie combines queer philosophy and Renaissance aesthetics, pop mythology and religious iconography. The protagonist of the video is the Virgin Mary, who proclaims, in a “feministic” way, her status of “miss”.

Non Domina Sum – Non sono una signora
2015 – 4’41”
written, directed and performed by Brice Coniglio
cat guest star Telemaco.
phone machine: Loredana Bertè
drawings and animations: Andrea Raviola
shooting and editing: Brice Coniglio e Andrea Raviola
costumes: Monica di Pasqua e Federica Genovese.

the song is produced by Dario Tamburro / L’Evoluzione.
voice: Brice Coniglio
post-production, editing and mixage: Andrea Raviola
mastering: Manuel Daniele / Fonderie Foniche.

Recuperate Le Vostre Radici Quadrate is available on iTunes.

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