in Barcelona the first video art work in 3D without glasses

From October 13th to 15th CONIGLIOVIOLA will be present in the Art Meet Science section of NEM SUMMIT in Barcelona (Hesperia Hotel) with the video Le vent Nous Portera, the first video art work at world to be conceived with the auto-stereoscopy technology.

The event – sponsored by BBC, Technicolor, Telecom Italia and others –investigates last frontiers of the art-technology meeting.

“Le vent nous portera” video has been produced by CONIGLIOVIOLA in 2007.Lately, in 2009, CONIGLIOVIOLA in collaboration with Juma elaborated a new version of the video by using the auto-stereoscopy technology, which allows the visualization of 3-D contents without using any special glasses.

CONIGLIOVIOLA is definitely the first artist in the world to experiment the use of this innovative technology in video-art.

After all, “Le vent nous portera” video was conceived since its first version in 2007 as part of a broader project (titled “Nous Deux”) where Brice Coniglio and Andrea Raviola presented a collection of eleven art-works made by recovering the ancient technique of stereoscopy. This technique, very popular in the 19th century, allows to create three-dimensional images by using couples of slightly different pictures that our brain melts in a single vision, reproducing this way the mechanisms that determines the binocular vision.
In “Le vent nous portera” (as well as in the eleven artworks of “Nous Deux” project) the two artists work through a complex technique of digital compositing altering their current images to transform their faces and their bodies into those of two children starring in an imaginary auto-biography. In the video, the two enfants are shown behind the bars of a prison from where they dream to escape. The prison is here a metaphor of life and its being determined from which one tries to escape through the art, but it is also a metaphor of the relationship between the artist and its work that makes his “story” eternal but relentlessly still.

Le vent nous portera” tells therefore, in a fairy-tale manner rich in literary and cinematographic hints, an utopian effort to break away from reality and also from art towards the moon, symbol of an impossible freedom.

To see the eleven artworks of the “Nous Deux” project, please visit the web page

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